DXpedition Support Request

INDEXA’s financial support is generally limited to rare DXCC entities only. INDEXA uses Club Log's current DXCC Most Wanted List in our support decision. Our support will be limited to DXpeditions to entities listed in the Top 60 of the list. Review the list at www.clublog.org to see if your proposed DXpedition location is in the Top 60 listing.

Fill out this form to apply for INDEXA support if your DXpedition fits this criteria.

Name, callsign, mailing address of applicant
Email address of applicant:
Provide/confirm the mailing address of the team leader so that INDEXA can send the support check and the INDEXA banner to the appropriate address.
Which DXCC entity is the destination of this DXpedition?
What is the ranking of this DXCC entity in Club Log's current DXCC Most Wanted List (No Mode Filter, All bands, Use Global log, Present day). Remember, as stated above, if the Most Wanted DXCC number exceeds 60 your DXpedition will not be considered.
What are the dates of the operation?
How many days will the DXpedition be making contacts?
Has operating permission been granted? You may be asked to document your response. Yes
Is landing permission required and if so has it been granted? You may be asked to document your response.
Please provide rigs and antennas to be used, operating plans (including specifics on bands and modes of operation), and any other information that you think would assist INDEXA in its decision-making process.
Provide the DXpedition budget and include the amount that the operators will individually contribute. Do NOT include any personal expenditures to/ from the point of embarkation.
Will you ask INDEXA to provide funding for humanitarian activities as described in our Humanitarian Aid web page? Yes
If INDEXA provides additional funding for humanitarian activities will the DXpedition provide written documentation showing how these funds were used? This should be an article suitable for publication with pictures if appropriate. Yes
INDEXA believes that funds contributed to a DXpedition should be used only for that purpose. If there is a surplus of funds after a DXpedition is completed, a refund should be made, using some logical approach, to help offset the personal expenses incurred by individual team members and/or returned to the major sponsors. INDEXA is not concerned how the refunds are made, but does believe that any excess funds should not be held by the organizers for other purposes or projects. Do you agree? Yes
Provide a list of team members and include their prior DXpedition/Contesting experience
Additional consideration is given to the applications from INDEXA members. How many of your DXpedition team members are members of INDEXA? Please identify them by callsign.
Will you make a recommendation to all your team members that they join INDEXA? Yes
Provide the callsign and address of the QSL manager
Will you print the INDEXA logo on all QSL cards? Yes
INDEXA believes that DXers should have an option to receive a paper QSL confirmation at no cost to them through the QSL Bureau system. The QSL could be requested through OQRS or by sending a QSL card via the bureau to the DXpedition’s QSL manager.
INDEXA believes that DXers should be able to request a direct paper QSL from the DXpedition’s QSL Manager by providing an SASE with necessary return postage or by providing an SAE with minimal funds necessary to cover return postage.  The DXer may have the option of contributing to the DXpeditions expenses, but it should not be a requirement to receive a QSL.
INDEXA also believes that OQRS is a service provided to the DXer.  We believe a minimum charge for the service is warranted and is left to the option of the DXpedition.
Do you agree to abide by this INDEXA QSL policy? Please answer "YES" or explain how and why you will deviate from this policy.
Would you agree to upload your DXpedition logs to LoTW within approximately one year after the DXpedition ? Yes
Do you agree to include INDEXA membership application (“stuffers”) in all direct QSL replies? Yes
Provide an estimate of the number of INDEXA “stuffers” needed.
Do you agree to display the INDEXA banner and provide photographs showing the operators at the DXpedition site and with the INDEXA banner in full view? If INDEXA provides shirts will you also provide a team photo with the team wearing the shirts and holding the banner? Yes
Will you provide a three to four page single-spaced written report, including some captioned photographs, for publication in the INDEXA newsletter? (INDEXA's editor can provide, on request, suggested guidelines for content and layout that will make your job easier.) We also ask that the article be provided in a timely manner and prior to submitting similar articles to magazines, newsletters, or organizations who have not contributed financially to the DXpedition. Yes
Will you provide a link to the INDEXA Web site (http://www.indexa.org) on the DXpedition Web site? Yes
Good operating practices and operating ethics are required for INDEXA support. Will you request that your team members review the booklet “DXpeditioning Basics” written by Wayne Mills, N7NG? Wayne is a former INDEXA officer and ARRL official. Check the INDEXA web site at www.indexa.org to see the entire booklet. Yes
Do you agree that INDEXA, its board members, officers, and members, shall have no responsibility for and no liability arising from any activity that results from the funding of this application? Do you also agree to indemnify and hold harmless INDEXA, its board members, officers, and members, for any claims arising from such activity? Yes
An explanation for answering "NO" to any of the above questions is required.