Humanitarian Aid

INDEXA believes that many of the DXpeditions we support have a unique opportunity to perform humanitarian activities which will improve the lives of those indigenous people and communities they encounter on a DXpedition. Humanitarian activities come in a variety of forms including education, medical and dental assistance, infrastructure improvements, and physical donations of goods and other services. Obviously, there are many additional ways a DXpedition team or individual team members can positively impact the lives of the people of the community or country the DXpedition team is visiting.

INDEXA is prepared to offer additional financial support to DXpeditions as an incentive to conduct humanitarian activities and to offset some or all of the additional costs that may be involved.

The following explains our process for applying for and receiving this additional financial support.

Before the DXpedition

1. The DXpedition leaders should use our DXpedition Support Request Form to request INDEXA support. On the form they must indicate if the DXpedition will request additional support for humanitarian activities. If so, the leaders will be required to list their goals and provide detailed plans for their proposed humanitarian activity.

2. INDEXA will review the request and determine both a) the initial financial support INDEXA will provide the DXpedition and b) if the proposed humanitarian activity will meet INDEXA's objectives in promoting humanitarian activity. (Please note that leaving some leftover supplies or donating a radio or antennas to a local radio club are not included in the types of humanitarian activity we envision.)

3. INDEXA will communicate our suggestions/comments to the team leaders and may or may not offer to provide additional financial support for the humanitarian activities. The proposed humanitarian activities must be performed as proposed. This additional support may be as much as 15% of the initial DXpedition support.

After the DXpedition

1. INDEXA will require the team to submit a detailed report including photographs of the actual activities so as to substantiate successful completion of the activity. This report can be in the form of an article suitable for publication.

2. If INDEXA is satisfied the plan was implemented and humanitarian benefit was achieved, INDEXA will provide additional funds in the amount agreed upon.

We are hopeful that these activities will have a positive impact on people’s lives, but also leave a favorable impression of both our hobby and the people who embrace our hobby.